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Movie Review: Captain Marvel 3.8/5 Stars

Written by Kevin Thomas
writer, contributor

Captain Marvel: Enjoyable Sci-Fi Mixes Thrills and Empowerment

3.8 out of 5 stars (highly above average)

The lead-up to Captain Marvel has been a rocky one.  Sexist internet trolls, laughable trailer complaints, and the fear of Marvel getting “woke” surrounded this film and caused some to overanalyze it till the cows come home.  In my opinion, Captain Marvel is a fun and funny popcorn movie that can empower men, women, and space aliens to become the best version of themselves and still have friends in their corner.  Add good performances, astounding visuals, and a spunky lead character, and Captain Marvel stands as a shining example of how to combine empowerment with entertainment. Continue reading Movie Review: Captain Marvel 3.8/5 Stars