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Movie Review: Captain Marvel 3.8/5 Stars

Written by Kevin Thomas
writer, contributor

Captain Marvel: Enjoyable Sci-Fi Mixes Thrills and Empowerment

3.8 out of 5 stars (highly above average)

The lead-up to Captain Marvel has been a rocky one.  Sexist internet trolls, laughable trailer complaints, and the fear of Marvel getting “woke” surrounded this film and caused some to overanalyze it till the cows come home.  In my opinion, Captain Marvel is a fun and funny popcorn movie that can empower men, women, and space aliens to become the best version of themselves and still have friends in their corner.  Add good performances, astounding visuals, and a spunky lead character, and Captain Marvel stands as a shining example of how to combine empowerment with entertainment. Continue reading Movie Review: Captain Marvel 3.8/5 Stars


Movie Review: The Crimes of Grindelwald 2/5 Stars

Written by Kevin Thomas
Writer, Contributor
The Crimes of Grindelwald: Potter Prequel Only Steals Time, Disrespects Legacy

2 out of 5 stars (Has Some Good Moments, But Is Overall Bad)

The Harry Potter series is one of the most successful and respected fantasy epics of our time.  J.K. Rowling captivated both readers and audiences with her story of a young boy who discovers the existence of magic and ultimately must fight to save it.  Despite an understandably mixed reaction from book purists, I believe the films are entertaining on their own merits.  They aren’t all perfect, but the good far outweighs the bad. Continue reading Movie Review: The Crimes of Grindelwald 2/5 Stars

Movie Review: House With a Clock In Its Walls 1.5/5 Stars

This Eli Roth Fantasy Lacks Magic! By Kevin Thomas Writer, Contributor Watching The House With a Clock in its Walls is like being on a massive sugar high: It’s way too fast, very confusing, and eventually causes you as a viewer to crash and fight falling asleep.  Why horror director Eli Roth and Supernatural creator Eric Kripke were chosen to helm this project is a mystery given that neither are known for family entertainment, and it really shows here.  Add a completely miscast Jack Black, underused Cate Blanchett, and a child actor with little screen presence, and you have one of the dullest fantasies of the year, for adults anyway.  The kids in my audience laughed a lot, so I’m sure this film will be a hit at 12-year-old slumber parties on dark stormy nights, if that’s any consolation. Continue reading Movie Review: House With a Clock In Its Walls 1.5/5 Stars