Kenny Kicks is a writer.

Kenny Kicks is a Radio Personality.

Kenny Kicks is fresh,

Kenny Kicks does strange things.

My birth name is Kyndell Mizell. I am a scholar with a vast amount of knowledge in the world of fashion and music. I graduated from Georgia Perimeter with a degree in journalism. I’ve always had a passion for writing but it wasn’t until I volunteered for the college newspaper that I found my excitement for investigative journalism. Starting off as just a freelancer, I moved my way onto the staff and worked my way up to Editor-In-Chief.

Everything I contribute to the world will be lively and upbeat. I strive to learn something new each day and I live to pass that knowledge along to the next person. I am inspired by life and I believe that together as one, the world can live happy and at peace.

And by the way,”Kicks” is short for kickstand, Ladies.

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