Spring 2018 Internship Program


Program Currently In Session. Check back later for more open opportunities!


— Purpose of Internship Program —

Our main goal for this program is to give you the experience you need to take your journalism / multimedia career in any direction you are aiming for, whether that be professionally or simply for personal gain. As a published journalist on multiple platforms, our CEO has learned through personal experience that it takes hands on experience to learn, progress, and grow! Some companies aren’t willing to take risks with budding creatives and teach valuable lessons that they’ll need to take their careers to the next level. Well, we are here to help you achieve just that, because we know the struggle!

The Bold Opinion is a licensed media outlet in the state of Georgia. This internship will allow you to become a published journalist; an accomplishment perfect for the resume building process!

Media and technology is an ever-evolving subject and you will continue to learn new tactics, even when you reach the pinnacle of your career. Throughout the course of this 5-week program, you’ll have fresh topics and tasks to focus on each week. This is the best opportunity for you to swap knowledge with other professionals and each other to pick up on even the smallest of helpful tips to make you a competitive journalist.

— Internship Program Period–

This is a 5-week program beginning March 4th – April 1st

> Application Deadline: February 11th
> Introductory Week: February 25th – March 3rd
> Beginning : March 4th
> Conclusion: April 1st

— Benefits of Internship Program —

The benefits of this program will take you to infinity and beyond, as we are certain that you will be able to apply this knowledge throughout your career journey. College students may use this for career building credit as well as logged community service hours. Our goal is to also get your hands dirty and expose you to in-field opportunities by attending events. Field experience will allow you to apply journalistic tactics to grab interviews, take visuals, make connections with influential people and media relations, and sharpen your communications skills.

— Expectations —

> Open Communication Methods
> Weekly Discussions
> Weekly Assignments
> Interaction Between Instructor and Other Program Participants
> Knowledge Application

— Communication Methods —

Email, telephone, and the GroupMe App will all be used as methods of communication throughout the entire program. Applicants are expected to communicate effortlessly and with punctuation.

— Applicant Qualifications —

This program is open to the public, students, and individuals with eagerness for growth and knowledge. All within these specifications are encouraged to apply as The Bold Opinion, LLC. is proud to provide equal opportunity to everyone.

— About The Bold Opinion —

The Bold Opinion is an independently operated media outlet that aims to cover the community in ways traditional media does not. Individuals, local influencers, and small businesses are what make the community rich and far more interesting than what is typically exposed. We strive to cover the “uncovered” with a bold, in-your-face attitude! All of our content is digitally published and broadcasted through our website, radio waves via 88.1FM WUBA, social media, and Youtube.


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