Thank you so much for taking the time out to visit my page. I know you’ve probably been reading enough already, so I will keep my bio as short and sweet as possible. 🙂 Well, the name’s Jannah Bolds, radio personality name is Jannah B, and I am a graduate of Georgia Southern University, currently working on a masters degree in new media and marketing. I come from an awesome, well-rounded and super supportive family who have always stuck together. I love them dearly and thank them all for being my #1 fans!

Now that the sappy part is out of the way, let’s get into my passion for journalism! My interest in the media sparked toward the end of my high school career, as I joined the newspaper squad and began to learn basic journal skills. That interest lingered into college and led me to pursue a multimedia degree from Ga Southern AND also get involved in their student media program. Student media was something I was most proud of, as I worked (yes, I got paid AND had keys to the building lol) there for two years in the sports department. I covered every single sport that Southern had to offer and even traveled with teams.

During my time with Student Media, I wrote sports news and feature articles, participated in weekly tabloid design nights, and even sat as Sports Editor for an entire year! This is actually where The Bold Opinion was born! One of my football writers and I wrote a weekly column on our football team’s match up and the title of my column was dubbed “The Bold Opinion”.

And oh, how could I forget? I, Jannah B, founded, produced, and edited The George-Anne’s first football pregame talk show! This was the first move toward the convergence of the newspaper and the college’s own television network, GSN Channel 99.  I’m super proud of my accomplishments at The George-Anne Student Newspaper and will never forget where I learned such valuable journalism skills.

Now that I have a solid journalistic foundation, I am still on the hunt for greatness. These passed couple of years have been a struggle to find a career in something I love, but that is the main reason for creating and putting so much energy behind this blog! I realized that, I could really do this myself. I didn’t need a major network to write stories, take photos, show up at events with media credentials, get interviews, etc. Once I got passed the “I can’t” phase, I decided to make it happen.

BOoM! Here we are today.

I hope that you follow The Bold Opinion and I on this journey. I am willing to go as far as my spirits allow. 🙂



2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi Jannah, Im “Frosted” from periscope… since that’s no longer going to be a thing i was wondering if you were still planning to post anything anywhere else? I would like to continue listening to your “bold opinons”.


    1. Hi there! Thanks for being a follower of The Bold Opinion movement. We’re planning on kicking the podcast back up beginning January 2021! We’ll keep you informed. 🙂


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