Spring 2018 Interns

Brooklyn Megan Brown

When will my life begin, I always wondered as a child growing up in the shadow of my older brother, who is so very charismatic, created the start of my insecurities. I suffered from depression, confusion and anger that I didn’t know how to communicate. I didn’t know my own IDENTITY. I felt like, I didn’t get the equal amount of attention from my parents when it came to my older brother and I. As time went on the anger inside of me grew, and it then began to
affect my school work. Creating issues in my self-esteem, etc. When I was a child and was asked what I wanted to be when I grew up I always said what my family wanted me to say, and not even acknowledging my own desires. At age 12 my issues had gotten so bad that I began to believe that what they wanted for me was what I wanted for myself. I basically exchanged my feelings and my ideas for the opinions of what they thought I should become. However, when I look at myself now and think of where I was, I thank God that I have created such a great relationship with him. To know that even
though I deal with issues of my own personal problems I chose to live. I suffered with deep issues that only GOD and time could heal. As I look back at the emotional and mental questions that have yet to be answered, I wonder where would I be without GOD. All I wanted was to be loved the way I wanted to be loved.
Don’t get me wrong my parents are the best parents that a girl can ask for, their sacrifices, their teachings, their guidance, is what the love of a parent truly is. I finally understand what it means to grow older in maturity. I learned that my parents love for me was the best way they knew how. So, as I look at me now, this is me owning my life, a graduating Senior at Kentucky State University with all of my issues, trail and errors, failures, and responsibilities to study Mass Communications, and tell my story around the world.
To tell my story to the little girl out there lost and feeling alone; that if I have and continue to overcome many struggles then they can as well. I want to speak to all young women across the world to help them rekindle the flames of their true passion, to let live and to find their true purpose in life. With that being said, I strive every-day to be an example of greatness, however not for my own personal gain but for that young girl and or woman to know themselves in their own totality.

Gregory Castel

Hey there! I’m a writer, photographer, and avid thrift shopper. I graduated from college with a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and Photography. I’m a Haitian-American man who finds the greatest attraction the world has to offer to be the people that walk the world itself. Not only do I love the culture that I come from, I also love learning about the many cultures that circle the globe. I am currently living in Georgia and enjoying it! That’s a little bit about me. I am glad to have this platform for my opinion.

Kimberly Edwards

My name is Kimberly Edwards and I was born in Connecticut. I went to a Christian private school and was an avid reader and writer. Writing has been my passion since the day I learned how to write. I am a creative writer who has been writing since I was five. I started off writing short stories as a child and overtime developed a love for poetry. As I continued through my education and reached college, my writing became more complex, structured, disciplined and open ended. I became a person who was more questioning of set values, belief systems and laws. My perception of life, death and philosophical ideologies began to evolve and adapt due to education, circumstances and life experiences. I want to continue creating short stories, poetry and prose that is insightful, engaging and relatable. I have published one short story on Amazon called “Immortals” and am eager to publish the majority of my works within the next 2 years.

Deke Lloyd

My name is Deke Lloyd. I’m 26 years old. Writing is something I have loved since a young age. Writing is a passion of mine and I’m working to get better all the time. I’m still in college at University of West Georgia working on my mass communications degree. I hope to find a career in writing or radio/podcasting.

John Paul

Hello my name is John Paul! I am a graduate of Georgia Southern University with a degree in Writing and Linguistics and a minor in Film Studies. I love to write and I also have a keen interest in photography. As someone who was born in raised in Atlanta, Georgia with ancestry tracing all the way back to the island of Exuma in the Bahamas, I consider myself a very well traveled and cultured person. I love exploring and learning about the world around me as I have traveled to more than 15 countries throughout my life and I’m hoping to add more to the list in the near future. I’m looking forward to using this platform to show the world why my opinion is bold!

Kevin Thomas

Kevin Thomas recently graduated from Mercyhurst University with a B.A. in English and a Minor in Communication. He has published over 100 film reviews in The Citizen Newspaper since he was 10 years old and often injects humor into his writing. Kevin is known for boldly stating what everyone else in the room is thinking, but is afraid to say.

Iesha Westmoreland
Hello Everyone,
It’s me, Iesha Westmoreland, I live in Atlanta, Ga. although I was born and raised in Rhode Island. I am 31 years old. Currently, I am working on attaining my Bachelor’s degree in Journalism/ and Mass Communications with a minor in communications from Ashford University. In addition to going to school I am building a brand for my journalism career, and building a family business with my husband. My website in which I use to display my writing and soon interviewing skills is Uniquelyiesha.com. Covering topics such as PCOS awareness and nail salon reviews. The family business is Bakwudz Inc. a multi-divisional services company. On top of all this i am working on writing two book, and starting a charity for PCOS awareness. I am looking to big the Barbra Walters of this generation with a career as a news reporter and exclusive interview host. The life background I have has allowed me to really experience a lot of situations and accomplish many task, and I do it with the best Uniquely Iesha touch possible. There is not many occupations I can not or have not done. For instance, I have been a chef for 16 years prior to starting this journey to being a journalist. But… Writing is truly my passion and I just want to be the best I can be and see where life tasks me..
Marissa Williams

Hi! I’m Marissa, I graduated from Georgia State University with my degree in Journalism. Occasionally I write, but mostly like speaking. I am bold because I choose to be. Being bold doesn’t mean being obnoxious, to me it means standing up for what you believe in and going after what you want without the thought of others opinions.

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