The Seriousness of Voter Suppression & Its Solutions

By Jannah Bolds
EIC, The Bold Opinion

Within the last decade, the U.S. has seen increased efforts by politicians and other organizers to suppress a citizen’s right to vote during election time. Resolution outcries roared.

Voter suppression is defined as a strategy used to influence the outcome of an election by deterring or discouraging certain groups of people from voting. Cheating, in simpler terms. Examples of this form of political swindling include restricted voting times, inaccessible ballot box locations, restricted registration, imposing strict voter ID laws, and improper purging.

As the nation observed these unfair situations take place, many organizations and politicians have gotten behind efforts to ensure every American can safely exercise their right to vote, obstacle-free.

Organizations like Power The Vote have emerged to help correct the corruption by creating a multilingual voter protection hotline, providing poll-watchers for onsite support, expanding early voting locations, absentee ballot assistance, and more.

Kimberly Allen, Co-Founder, Power The Vote

“In states like Georgia, the landscape is really difficult for voters. The barriers for voting, for some, are difficult to overcome. It’s systemic, not just a single voter not having a single problem,” said Kimberly Allen, Co-Founder of Power The Vote.

Voter protection efforts, however, seemed to cease once election season concluded. All organizations disappeared after the hype was over, all except a hand full. This is where the founders of Power The Vote found a window of opportunity to best serve their communities around the clock.

“We understood that voter protection is, not only a critical part of the infrastructure during elections, but it should be a critical part of the infrastructure year around,” said Jamil Favors, Co-Founder of Power The Vote.

Jamil Favors, Co-Founder, Power The Vote

Although Power The Vote started its efforts in Georgia, a battle ground state that flipped blue in the 2020 Presidential Election, the team has taken what they’ve learned and is applying it to other states that have experienced voter suppression in their communities.

Organizations like Power The Vote exist to resolve a single problem. Once that problem is solved, there shouldn’t be a need for voter protection efforts like these in the future.

“It’s crazy that we need an elaborate architecture to help voters exercise their fundamental right to vote. I hope, that at some point, we will overcome these voting barriers, shift the voter suppression landscape, and then, we can start to solve other problems as well,” said Allen.

To learn more about Power The Vote, please visit their website and follow them on social media to put boots-on-the-ground and get involved.

Biden’s Billion Dollar Infrastructure Proposal Mistaken & Misunderstood; Outrage for HBCU Funding Decrease.

By Jannah Bolds
EIC, The Bold Opinion

This week, President Biden’s Federal Budget Proposal received heavy criticism from the Black Community due to its reported decrease in funding for HBCUs.

The problem with this situation not only falls on the news of the $2B “decrease”, but also on a couple of other things like:

  1. The fundamental understanding of how the U.S. federal budgeting process actually works. The President makes proposals for Congress to approve, deny, and/or amend. This is where the House and the Senate go back and forth to settle on a resolution. Hints where the $2B came from.
  2. The misleading headlines of mainstream media outlet writers and editors for not reporting clearly. Thus leading the public to draw misguided conclusions, especially from social media exposure and the popcorn era of information absorption that we currently live in.
    Yellow journalism is a B!%@#, no matter which hue of yellow. That’s another topic for another day.

Anyway, I did some digging myself and found these two official documents for you to draw your own conclusions with.

FACT SHEET: The American Jobs Plan
This lays out the President’s plan for investing in the future of American jobs and resources. Published on March 31, 2021

Meat & Potatoes
Jump to the “Invest in R&D, Revitalize Manufacturing And Small Businesses, And Train Americans For The Jobs Of The Future” further down the page. Access the first bullet point.
I recommend using your browser’s find tool to quickly locate this.

Title II — Committee on Education and Labor
Subtitle A – Education Matters

This is the concurrent resolution on the budget for fiscal year 2022.
I recommend using your browser’s find tool to quickly locate this.

Meat & Potatoes
(Page 96, line 17) “Subpart C — Investments In Historically Black Colleges And Universities, Tribal Colleges And Universities, And Minority Serving Institutions”

(Page 103, line 3) “Part G — Improving Research And Development Infrastructure For Minority-Serving Institutions”

I typically don’t get into politics because of its complexity. This topic, however, struck a nerve because it showcases the power of journalism and that it must remain pure, true and non-manipulative. Not only this, but it’s MOST important for us to stay engaged with community politics and put the right people into elected positions that can really make a difference.

5 Podcasts to follow for the 2021 Olympics

JannahBBy Jannah Bolds
EIC, The Bold Opinion


Despite the controversy in from of this year’s Olympic Games, here’s a short list of notable podcasts for deep convos, exclusive interviews, and unique perspectives leading up to the Tokyo 2021 Games.

  1. Olympic Channel Podcast
    The Olympic Channel Podcast is the official home of exclusive, insightful interviews from coaches, athletes, and participants across the Olympic arena. This production publishes weekly.

  2. Japan Sports Stories
    This podcast explores the untold stories of Japanese sports and the hype leading up to the 2021 Olympic Games. Each episode the podcast team will interview athletes, academics, and sports professionals and dive into Japanese professional sports. Publishing on a weekly basis, this production gives you a unique peek into foreign athletic identities.

  3. Around The Rings
    This Atlanta based podcast keeps listeners updated on the latest Olympic news from an intelligent sports business perspective. Around The Rings publishes on a weekly basis and is a pivotal listen for those interested in the business side of world class athleticism. 

  4. The Podium
    Produced by NBC, this Olympic podcast covers the 17 days of intense training and competition for the Summer Tokyo Games. The Podium takes a deep dive into the personal stories and events that define the special athletes and their efforts to make it to the podium.

  5. Olympic Dreams
    This podcast is exclusive to the San Diego, California professional athlete circle, as it concentrates on athletes in their prime with sights set on representing Team USA in Tokyo. Releasing weekly, tune in to find out how these American athletes rise to the top of their respective sports. 

Podcasts mentioned in this post are not mentioned exclusively and authentically provide insights of professional athletes, their craft, and journey to gold medal status. 

Please visit the official Olympic Games website for official updates and news.

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