Four Ways To Best Utilize Twitter Spaces

Written By JannahB
EIC, The Bold Opinion

Drive engagement and have fun.

If you haven’t heard by now, Twitter Spaces is Twitter’s new audio drop-in chat feature. The trailblazing social media feature is still in beta testing mode and hasn’t fully rolled out to the masses yet. So for Twitter users still exploring, here are a few pointers to drive engagement, be effective, and have fun as a host.

1) Topical Conversation 
This is the most common type of Space. Conversation with reasonable context is the best way to communicate with others. Hosting a Space with good, quality convo will keep listeners engaged and speakers active. Interviews are cool, but group conversation is way better!

2)  Interviews
I’m a super journalism fan, and whenever I can get a good interview with someone for content purposes, I’ll jump right at it. Twitter Spaces is a great place for journalists to interview their subjects in an easily accessible fashion. It also gives the public to hear words straight from the horse’s mouth, so there’s no confusion or misquotes.

3) Game Night
The idea of an audio-only game night with “strangers” seems awkward, but you’ll be surprised at how many random participants who’re looking for interaction you’ll get while hosting a virtual game night via Twitter Spaces. Brands like FamFoolery provide amazing trivia and engage with you without leaving the Twitter app

4)  Music Party
Music is a universal language. Feature your favorite playlist to host your own dance party and allow your listeners to become verbally non-committed and just vibe out. Be your Space’s DJ, take requests via DM, and create a place for people to virtually escape.

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Twitter Spaces Is Better Than Clubhouse

Written By Jannah Bolds
EIC, The Bold Opinion

Yeah, I said it!

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EIC, The Bold Opinion

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