Dogs Are Closer Than You Think

by Kimberly Edwards
Writer, Contributor

Dogs are often classified as man’s best friend. They can be obedient, playful, affectionate, and
protective. However, dogs have more to offer besides these basic characteristics. They can also be very empathetic.

There have been studies done in the past of a dog being placed in the room with a person sitting down nonchalantly and another person on the other side of the room crying. Dogs will almost always go over to the person crying. This is because they can sense our emotional state and the closer you are with your dog, the more they are in tune with it. After interviewing several pet owners, they all attested to the fact that their dogs behavior would coincide with their emotions.

This one girl named Kay, testified that one day when she was crying silently in her room, her dog Nala in the other room was
whining, yelping, and crying out loudly. Even though she had no noise, or sight of her human, she still could sense her emotional turmoil from the other room. Not only do accounts verify how much dogs are in tune with our emotions as well as experience them, but also scientific research confirms that their brain structure is similar to ours.

Dogs have the hormone oxytocin in them and this is involved in feeling love and affection. It has also been proven that they experience joy, fear, anger, disgust and love. Yet people
still doubt that dogs could possibly experience these emotions. Despite the people that doubt the dog’s great ability to experience emotions and feel empathetic for their humans, it has been proven in various ways that dogs can.

Overall, dogs are magnificent creatures, who not only help us with guarding andprotection, but also can be empathetic, loving, and be in tune with our emotions.


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