The Kanye Cult is Coming

CULT \ ˈkəlt – great devotion to a person, idea, object, movement, or work (such as a film or book). 

Can you imagine a diverse population of Yeezy sporting, free thinking, fashion minimalists? A cringeworthy thought for some, a soon-to-be reality for others. Kanye’s latest social emergence, contrary to his proposed intentions, has created a small division by challenging people to think outside their comfort zones. A notion easily rejected. 

Maybe the term “cult” was a bit excessive, but it certainly fits the controversial vibe surrounding Ye’s supporters and non-supporters on his overall idea of intellectual freedom.

Kanye West recently tweeted a glimpse of, what could be, his most impactful project yet; YEEZY Home. A few hyper-realistic digital renderings were shared by designer Jalil Peraza via Instagram earlier this week. These images displayed an ultra-minimalist’s vision of an affordable, stylish living space. Peraza, along with West and other designers, will collab on this groundbreaking development.

The YEEZY Home project aims to provide affordable housing for those looking to fight their way through economic hardships to combat the nations growing homelessness epidemic. You can’t deny that a lack of affordable living quarters parallels economic depression and income inequality. If you ask me, I’d rather see celebs make efforts to help those in need instead of flashing their fame in the faces of the less fortunate.

Where will these YEEZY Home project be located? Well if I knew the exact coordinates, I would for sure spill the tea! So since this project is developing, updates will come as they are released.

Again, a cult? Maybe not, but a “sunken place” for shallow pockets sounds more accurate.

For now at least.


PhotoCredit: Jalil Peraza -Instagram

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