Hip Hop: Where’s Kanye?

By Gregory Castel
Writer, Contributor

The hip-hop community is moving at a fast pace these days as far as the amount of music to be put out week after week. The culture has gotten to be blessed by having a mass array of choices from the mainstream to the underground, traditionally sounding rap Jay-Z and Logic, to vibes of an alternative hip hop like BROCKHAMPTON or a XXXTentacion. However at the very moment, right now there are a few artists whose albums have been long-awaited and teased for the public. The anticipation for these new albums in 2018 have been boiling up.

One of the most decorated artists who still has maintained his relevancy and will remain relative most likely until he passes, Kanye West. Any product he chooses to drop in fashion or music, it
gains attention. Regardless if it is after one year or three years, every Yeezy project that is release is highly anticipated, scrutinized, and noticed. That will happen whether you like the man
or not.

His last solo project was in 2016, The Life of Pablo, and since the Saint Pablo Tour for the album was cut short, West has seemingly vanished from the public eye for the most part. The ending of
2016 was rough for West and his family. His wife, Kim, was robbed at gunpoint in Paris in October, canceled his tour a few weeks later, canceled the remaining shows of his tour, dyed his hair and visited who was the leading Republican candidate at the time for the presidential election, Donald Trump at Trump Tower. Kanye was finally hospitalized and placed on psychiatric hold for stress and exhaustion in California.

He has stepped his toe into the spotlight here and there over the past two years for unexpected occasions. He opened up his Instagram account one Valentine’s Day to share dozens of photos.
But what people want to know is, what music is he working on and when can we hear it?

Image Source: iHiphop.com

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