Fame & Social Media


Introduction paragraph on social media and its immediate impact on influencing fame from popularity.
– pull points from annotated bibliography
-discuss history and evolution of social media

Section A: Social Media as a Whole
-Overview of different Social Media platforms and their specific purpose
-List of all social media platforms

Section B: History of Social Media
-Timeline of social media
-Charts f social media popularity growth
-Charts of money connected with paying users via social media

Section C: “Insta Famous”
-Define becoming famous from social media
-The Bandwagon Effect: explain how everyone is jumping to try and become famous from social media. Fame = “money” Make an example out of celebrities that have gained their fortunes and start-ups from social media.

Section D: Technology & Social Media
-Explain how social media is now easily accessible though various platforms of technology. Readily available internet connections are also to blame for this. The popcorn generation explained.

Design vision is to have one fluid page with colorful sections for each topic along with graphs and informational graphics

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