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The Bold Opinion Show 9.29.16


**DISCLAIMER: Thursday night shows are contain EXPLICIT content. Listener discretion is advised.**

Skip straight to the interview > 1:02:20 — 1:48:21

A Cappella Freestyle > 2:03:40 — 2:05:47

Jannah B and Kenny Kicks as The Bold Opinion crew discuss Elle Magazine’s youngest editor, a deadly train crash in New Jersey, and an interview with FrenchySosa, an up-and-coming independent artist with an amazing flow!

Check out those 10 mixtapes you heard Frenchy mention on his SoundCloud  and DatPiff

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The Bold Opinion Show 9.17.16


The Bold Opinion crew discuss the State of Emergency for the Southeast, #TeacherBae, SEC & NFL ball, and how to date without going broke!

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The Bold Opinion on Orange Room Radio

Expanding and building my brand

I’m mot certain if I explained where the name “The Bold Opinion” originated, so I’ll go ahead and put that out there. The title was discovered while I was writing for the student newspaper in college, The George-Anne. A few members from the news staff and I all brainstormed on a title for my first sports column, thus The Bold Opinion was born. BAM, that was it. lol

Now years later, I’ve started my own blog AND scored my own internet radio show on Orange Room Radio!

*pats self on the back

Well, I’d honestly say that the radio show was not all my effort, it sort of fell into my arms. My mom has an old coworker who also has a show there also, and he pitched my love of sports to the CEO…and BOOM!

The show started off as a strictly a sports show, covering a little bit of everything sports related. But a few weeks in, I came to realize that trying to talk about sports for two whole hours can get a bit…boring..let’s just be honest. lol So, now I revamped it to make it more like The Bold Opinion blog site. We discuss current events, politics, love & relationships, and of course, sports!

So far, everything with the show is going great. I never did radio prior to this and I was a bit nervous at first, but now I’m definitely warmed up to it and I love every minute of it!

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