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Sports Adjusting to Covid – “Fake Fans”

By Jannah Bolds
EIC, The Bold Opinion


Since the rise of Covid-19, the world (cough.. the US) has been struggling with the thought of getting back to normal-life operations. Returning to work and attending leisure activities are two of the main driving forces inducing the urge during these immense times, and the reintroduction of professional sports have people bursting with inquisitive anxiety.  Continue reading Sports Adjusting to Covid – “Fake Fans”

Politics, Pandemic Put College Football On Ice

By Deke Lloyd
Contributing Writer

The college football season has been a point of much contention throughout the summer. Back in March, when the Covid-19 pandemic was still a new and unknown thing, the college football season seemed miles away and in little danger of cancelation from the rapid spreading of a deadly pandemic. With quarantining, social distancing, and masks, the virus could be controlled and life would continue to go on by the time summer rolled around. Now, almost through August, the pandemic continues to run through states across the country leaving the college football season on a lifeline. Continue reading Politics, Pandemic Put College Football On Ice

NBA: What would it take for The Warriors to fall?

By Deke Lloyd
Writer, Contributor

The Golden State Warriors have been the premier franchise of the NBA since 2015. They have won two championships, won multiple MVPs (Steph Curry), and set NBA records. They’ve done it all, but they still want more, as in the NBA title again this year. This time will be their second run the Warriors are going for back to back title, the first time was snatched from their grasps last minute by the Cavs, and if the Cavs didn’t win that championship, the Warriors would be going for an unprecedented 4th NBA title. This team is already arguably the best basketball team of all time. But are we starting to see the cracks in the foundation?  Continue reading NBA: What would it take for The Warriors to fall?