That’s it, I’m dropping it all to become a stripper!

Well maybe that headline was a little strong, but I will certainly say that I’ve thought about it jokingly.


These kind of questions come about when someone, like me, has hit a wall. A wall that can some days seem inpenetratable. I’m talking about breaking into a career. Not just any career, but the career that you set yourself up for. With a college degree and real life experience in the bag, you’d think nailing a job after a couple internships would be a no brainier right?

I’ve come to learn that it’s not just that simple. But why? Why isn’t it THAT simple? I mean, c’mon. We work our butts off in college and prep for internships TO get the degree TO build the resume TO GET THE JOB! That’s what’s frustrating to a young person in a position like this.

Getting turned down two or three times isn’t going to do much damage. But when months turn into years of constant “we regret to inform you” messages, it really hurts. It’s like the world telling you that what you worked your ass off for is not enough. Your degree is not enough, your experience is not enough.

*Let me say something about “not having enough experience”. Well, if I don’t have enough experience, tell me where the hell am I going to get that experience if no one is willing to give me a chance?! If you have the answer, DO SHARE!

When too much time passes, frustrations are high and contemplations get to brewing.

What am I doing wrong? Did I lose my edge? Should I go back to school? Maybe this isn’t what I’m supposed to do. Should I change career paths?

All these questions arise, self esteem decreases, and out of desperation, young professionals start running out of options. But…The motto I’m trying to live by now is:

“When opportunity doesn’t knock, build your own f*cking door.”

Stay tuned…


2 thoughts on “That’s it, I’m dropping it all to become a stripper!”

  1. I love the passion in your article. I can feel your frustration. When you hurt, I hurt…..but you are a strong young woman. You are not doing anything wrong. Doors are going to close……sometimes. It is easy to say, “Hang in there!” I want to say more than that. I love your ending cause it shows that you are going to get out of life what you put into it. It will open for you. I have faith. I am also going to use your new slogan. Love you to the moon and back! Anonymous


  2. DO NOT EVER GIVE UP YOUR PURPOSE. You are an amazingly talented young lady. It saddens me that you haven’t broken into your dream career, however, do not doubt that your breakthrough is coming. You will face countless of “we regret to inform you” messages, however, it only takes one “congratulations” message. What is meant for you, is for you. If you are pursuing a dream that you are truly passionate about, you will achieve it. Don’t believe otherwise. School may be the answer, your field is definitely hard to break into. School also offers many opportunities that you would not find elsewhere. But in the meantime, keep trucking and build your OWN door. I love you.


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