Gun Control: Remove or Heavily Regulate

By Deke Lloyd
Writer, Contributor 

Mass shootings have become a dangerously common in today’s society; and it’s happened again. The tragedy that happened in Parkland, Florida has “mass shootings” back in the news. Everyone is looking for the quick fix but this won’t be the last mass shooting in America, it won’t even be the last one this year. So, is there a solution?  

Gun control is one of the biggest topics of debate these days but it’s getting to the point where there isn’t much of an argument for the gun enthusiasts anymore. These mass shootings are happening so often, that we are becoming used to the violence at this point. These high power assault rifles aren’t something anyone needs in their day to day life. I’m in no way a “gun enthusiasts” and I support gun control but I have no problem with responsible gun owners and hunters who own handguns or rifles. But you have to admit that there is no reason any person in this country needs a high powered assault rifle.

I can’t think of one situation where someone would need a high power assault rifle in lieu of a shotgun or a high powered hunting rifle. My ideal solution would be to completely outlaw and collect these guns so they aren’t available to the public anymore, but I know that’s not very realistic. Guns will always find their way to the public, so, what else can we do?

There has to be something we and the government can do to keep these guns out of the hands of the wrong people. I don’t think guns will ever be completely eliminated from our society but I do believe there are better ways to curtail these offenders from getting high powered weapons. The purchasing of a gun has become far too easy with the internet and these gun shows that are frequently attended by ethuanists. I know, not everyone is using their guns irresponsibility but the few that do use these weapons for harm have brought on the time for a change.

Twenty-one years old is the max age of a high school student. Once you turn legal drinking age, high school is over if graduation hasn’t happened yet. In my opinion, twenty-one should be the mandatory age for the purchase of any firearm. A change in the legal age of purchase is, to me, the easiest and most realistic solution we have at the time. This won’t solve school shootings but it should make the purchase of firearms by these teenagers more difficult.

This is a more realistic solution that, even the right wing, could get behind. I don’t understand why someone who is deemed too young to drink but is old enough to purchase a weapon capable of the mass tragedy. It really blows my mind to think that this isn’t a law and it’s possible it may never become a law. Hopefully, the public uproar is enough to make this lawmakers and administration see it’s time for a change.

These solutions aren’t the most complex or well thought out, but that’s because I don’t think this issue is that much on an issue. It’s simple; these guns have to be removed or heavily regulated. These mass shootings have gone too far. Do we, as a society, honestly have to fear sending our children to school? People need to feel safe when it comes to their children and right now, I don’t think many people feel that way. There is a solution out there, I just hope we get to it before it happens to someone you know.



One thought on “Gun Control: Remove or Heavily Regulate”

  1. I agree with you completely on changing the age at which you legally purchase a gun to 21. If laws are passed that ensure guns are more heavily regulated, do you trust that government officials wouldn’t try to use those same laws as precedent to suggest outlawing all weapons completely somewhere down the line?


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