Gun Control: Fire Government Officials

By John Paul
Writer, Contributor

One of the most controversial topics in this country right now is the subject of gun control. As we all know, there was a mass shooting at a high school down in Parkland, Florida that left 17 dead and many more injured. And unsurprisingly the subject of gun control has come up once again.

Personally, I think this whole debate on whether we should regulate guns or not is just an endless cycle of all talk no action. It goes like this: A mass shooting happens, people are saddened and outraged, one side talks about there needing to be gun regulation while another side adamantly opposes it, politicians offer the infamous “thoughts and prayers” while saying that they’ll talk about it some other time. And guess what? That “other time” is when another shooting will happen. Continue reading Gun Control: Fire Government Officials

Gun Control: Extensive Background Checks Needed

By Marissa Williams
Writer, Contributor 

Some people have an issue with gun control and the thought of people having the right to own armed weapons. Maybe because they feel threatened or are uncomfortable with the thought of killing someone or they have young, curious, wide-eyed children. I, on the other hand, don’t have a problem with guns themselves, I have a problem with people using those guns for anything other than recreational use or self-protection in a situation that calls for defense. Continue reading Gun Control: Extensive Background Checks Needed