Ladies, Budget Friendly Cosmetics are REAL!

By Iesha Westmoreland
Writer, Contributor

Let’s face it! In today’s world our average budget is not the best part of living life. The female boss movement is on the rise, but that does not stop the economy from affecting them as well. The first rule of professionalism is to look the part. First impressions leave lasting impressions. The many women facing economic struggle still have an obligation to keep up appearances. Dry cleaning, hair products, and professionally acceptable garments. All these items that can take toll on your expenses, yet it is necessary to keep your company standards. Some women experiencing financial hardship still cannot afford the make-up they are accustomed to. After reading this article you will see the great alternatives; it is not the end of the world! There are more affordable options out there. Options that will have you thinking, “why haven’t I bought these products sooner?”

To help your flawless makeup look we must have the proper foundation. For anyone that has had a gold facial, you know the results are fantastic. If you’re on a tight budget; you probably have kissed those facials goodbye.

Now you don’t have to with Daisey Fuentes’s 24K Gold Nourishing Sheet Mask. Using the refreshing nourishing mask gives you time to style your hair while waiting the 15 minutes it takes to see results; (Don’t forget whenever applying serums it is best to massage in the serum).

After you take off the mask and wash your face, your face is left with such a clean, soft, healthy glow. Most serums are leave on, but with this product there is so much that I feel it is best to wash the remaining serum off. Also, the directions call for it… These masks can be found in discount department stores such as Marshalls for $5. These masks come in a sleek box that houses 5 individually wrapped masks, that are soaking in this luxurious 24K Gold serum. At a dollar a mask you’ll feel like your back to your old self with gas money to spare.

The ERNO LASZLO Hydra Therapy Memory Sleep Mask featured in Marie Claire’s March 2018 issue is a fabulous product, but at 90$ per unit the product my still be out of budget for the reader. Instead purchase a pack of Daisey Fuentes’s masks and have a glow that will also keep your lights on this month.


The RK by KISS Lacey Matte Lipstick is a great product, and retails at a local beauty supply store for $1.99. It has a long lasting bold finish that can be seen in a variety of colors. Another fabulous feature the tube has is a lock system that allows you to twist up only what you need.

This is a clever and useful feature that stops your stick of lipstick from breaking by twisting the tube up too much. The tube also has a sleek form fitting plastic incasing design that protects the lipstick from melting onto the winding mechanism. Once the lipstick is applied, it leaves a rich and creamy look and feel. If you want your lips to pop this is definitely the choice for you.

If you are into the sponge application version of lipsticks RK by KISS also offers a FOREVER MATTE Lip cream. This lip choice comes in about 24 color options that really make you feel like you are painting your lips. Also, a long-lasting color with a stained finish. Offered at the same price as the stick style Lacey Matte.

Make your eyes pop, while making everyone’s jaw drop. Elf mascara and L.A. Colors eyeliner will have you flabbergasted at the outcome. Both items hold a price tag of $1. The mascara is equipped with a thin straight wand that allows you to coat your lashes individually Providing a more generous even application.

Great for doing both the bottom and top set of lashes. To accompany those bold lashes, you need a bold defining liner. The L.A. Colors GRAFIX eyeliner includes a smudge-proof precision tracer wand to give you that perfect close set, or cat eye look.

OLAY $27 Ultimate eye cream also featured in Marie Claire’s 2018 issue has wonderful pigment luster but lacks quantity at just .05ml. If women are wearing this product faithfully it will not last long. The amount you get in the canister, in ratio to your eyelid size will have the contents depleted in the first week.

While using L.A. Colors and elf cosmetics you can have money to buy multiple products. Getting just these few key items at a discounted price can go a long way in trying times. Even when you don’t want to wear a full face of make-up these items are enough to still give you that glam glow.



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