Vegan Burgers? Let’s Take On Slutty Vegan ATL

Written by Jannah Bolds
Editor-In-Chief, The Bold Opinion
Vegan Burgers? Not a chance in Hell.

At least that’s what I thought until I found all this hype around Slutty Vegan; one of the newest, hot, foodie spots here in Atlanta. Not only is it hot, IT’S VEGAN!

Veganism is becoming somewhat of a fad now-a-days, but for some, a plant based diet is more than just a fad. It’s a lifestyle. I’m semi-familiar with vegetarian / vegan diets because my father didn’t mess with meat for the majority of my life, so it wouldn’t be a drastic transformation if I decided to go that route down the road. Slutty Vegan, though, has brought a whole new element to the fast food realm.

I decided to bring one of my faithful carnivore friends, Don deFrxnce with me to bite into one of these famously wet slut burgers. We reviewed and interviewed customers who also had waited at least an hour (notoriously more) for a bite.

Words will never fully explain the food and atmosphere of Slutty Vegan, so check out our review video HERE. Your mouth will drip the first thirty seconds in disbelief. TRUST ME!

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