The Future is Already Here

Written By JannahB
Editor-In-Chief, The Bold Opinion

As we close out this decade and put the 2010’s behind us, I couldn’t help but reflect on what the past ten years has given us. This includes music, technology, fashion, and all forms of human advancement. 

One of the many pleasures of aging is the vision and analyzation of what once was and what will possibly be. I remember talks about what the future would look like back in the late 90’s; electric cars, self-sustaining homes, unorthodox fashion trends, and artificially intelligent electronics. 

I’ve seen a few “futuristic” things emerge that some people feel uneasy about because of how advanced they seem. In my opinion though, the future is already here and we should accept it! Why? Well, how else are we supposed to progress?

Let’s break down a few futuristic things that are standing their ground and moving into 2020.


  1. Talking Electronics
    Artificial intelligence has been cooking up its popularity this decade since Apple’s iPhone 4s’ introduction with Siri. Having a device that talks back to you with Maps directions, reminder recordings, and accurate internet searches open the game up to a host of other smart devices today, like the Google Nest Hub, Microsoft’s Cortana software, and Amazon’s Echo.
    All of these items allow quick and easy access to the internet. Just think, we used to rely on Ask Jeeves for answers in the past. Yes, my age is showing.
  2. Electric Cars
    Creating the electronic car was, in my opinion, a big step toward improving our deteriorating atmosphere. Because of that, they don’t make the traditional Vroom Vroom. It’s more of a quietly static Mmmmmm lol. Sure, models like the Tesla Cyertruck, Nissan Leaf, and the BMW i3 definitely aren’t the most attractive, but will certainly reduce fuel expenses and emissions.

    Some states will even give you a free pass in the HOV lane and amazing tax breaks. Electric bills might increase a tick, but you can’t deny that the fortunate ones with solar panel power will benefit from “free” transportation.
  3. The Cloud
    Oh the cloud. Since working in technical support with Apple Inc., I’ve always been asked about “the cloud” and what it really is. IT’S STORAGE, people. That’s all users really need to know. Instead of having a physical storage device, like an external HD or your device itself, you can push and store your data on a huge server somewhere else (securely, of course)! You can’t use the cloud without internet access though. That’s how data gets transferred. The Cloud is definitely the future of data storage and like I said earlier, the future is already here.


  1. Hair
    Hair styles change throughout the years, depending on popular trends.
    But I couldn’t help but notice, though, styles are becoming less and less traditional looking. I’ve got nothing against “non-traditional” anything, but these standout styles are a product of the desire to be different.

    Black sheeping is no longer seen as a baaaaad thing.  Eventually, the black sheep will become the norm, and we’re going to start looking for orange sheep!
  1. Footwear
    Men’s and women’s footwear has definitely seen a dynamic switch this decade, especially the sneaker culture. I’ll speak to the sneaker culture here, since I’ve got a bit of experience. I don’t mean to throw myself in this, but I will briefly since I am the damn author anyways.

    I would say that the same “black sheep” analogy applies to this category as well. Designs are getting more and more creative by emphasizing eye-popping details, quality parts, and exclusive collaborations with price tags to match!
  2. Clothing
    Men’s and women’s clothing style hasn’t been as progressive as the footwear industry, but there’s definitely some notable, futuristic looks happening on the streets.
    Ironically though, the culture is starting to embrace and reinvent more vintage looks. You know they say, “what goes around, comes around”. I’m not too confident, however, that we will ever find ourselves back at the tall tee / saggy pants era again.

Sustainable Living

  1. Smart Homes
    How is “smart home” even a thing? Wow, we’re getting lazy. Certainly we’re walking a fine line between laziness and convenience. Having the ability to turn off your porch lights when you’ve forgotten them, is one thing, but, voice commanding your stove to boil water for ramen noodles, is another. I exaggerated a bit, but you get the point.

    I do, though, love the idea of wireless deadbolt front door locks, digital thermostats, intercom security systems, and all the apps that power them. I could get used to a semi-smart home, but there’s no way my home should be smarter than me!
  2. Solar Power
    There’s one thing for sure, the sun will never stop shining (at least for the next couple thousand years). Harvesting power from solar rays is such a smart, sustainable idea! Why hasn’t this been the standard source of power by now? Oh that’s right, that would be the demise of big power companies.
  3. Tiny Houses
    I’m sure there’s nothing too futuristic about a 200 square foot house, but this one makes the cut because of its potential positivity for the environment.

    Super compact spaces aren’t the most comfortable, but the whole point is to decrease your footprint; the bees knees for the Earth. If you’ve lived in New York, this is a piece of cake.

As I close, remember that change is good. It may feel a little weird at first, but as long as it’s taking you new places or experiencing new things, do it. Embrace the future.

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