Twitter Spaces Is Better Than Clubhouse

Written By Jannah Bolds
EIC, The Bold Opinion

Yeah, I said it!

Twitter Spaces is Twitter’s newest feature rollout that began in December 2020. It’s an audio-only chat room that, currently, a handful of beta testers have at the moment, and soon to fully release to the public in the coming weeks. Think of it as a three-way, twelve-way, hundred-way phone call over social media, and according to Twitter corporate, spaces have no attendee limitations!  So, how do you make use of this seemingly limitless Twitter feature?

We’ll dive into the best ways to utilize Twitter Spaces later, but for now, we’ll cover why it’s becoming a better audio tool than Clubhouse, another popular drop-in audio chat platform.

Audio Clarity

Twitter Spaces uses the ultra-clear foundation of Periscope, a personal video broadcast application purchased and owned by Twitter since 2015. Periscope is known to have a high quality audio bitrate, and Twitter has taken advantage of that for Spaces. The audio is so clear, you can hear a pin drop from across the room. Clubhouse, not so much. The audio in clubhouse sounds like someone who calls into an on-air radio station. There’s really no comparison here.

Social Growth

With Twitter adopting this new audio drop-in feature, current Twitter users don’t have to venture outside of the app to build platform engagement; all the tools are in house, at your finger tips. Users on Clubhouse have to post links and reference their portfolios outside of the app for viewers to reference. With Twitter Spaces, there is no middle man.

Dinner Party Feel

Although Clubhouse, itself, markets as an “exclusive” place for people to congregate, it consistently gives out invitations to users to pass out to whoever. It’s like an invite only pass where everyone has capabilities to invite everyone else. It sounds weird because, what’s really the purpose if everyone’s invited?

Twitter Spaces allows speaker’s followers to join to the chat, which creates an “invite by association” feel because the people you really interact with are more likely to join Spaces with you. With that, there’s a certain Twitter Spaces etiquette that seems to flow naturally. The vibe is respectful, fun, interactive, genuine, yet entertaining. Users create genuine connections with strangers in a way that feels like a breath of fresh air during a time where we feel most isolated.

All in all, I deeply encourage you to explore Twitter Spaces and make genuine connections with everyone you encounter. It showcases the beauty of social networking.

I also wanted to note that I have not been paid or sponsored by Twitter to curate this post. I deeply encourage you to experience both Twitter Spaces and Clubhouse and decide yourself.


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