KAWS Returns to The High Museum of Art Atlanta

By Jannah Bolds
EIC, The Bold Opinion

After nearly a decade, world renowned artist KAWS will display an exclusive exhibit at The High Museum of Art Atlanta from today, December 3rd until March 27, 2022.

The exhibit, titled “KAWS PRINTS”, is a collection of pieces drawn directly from The High’s inventory that features silkscreen printed works from the artist’s (Brian Donnelly) portfolio spanning over twenty years. Fashioned chronologically, visitors have the opportunity to view the Brooklyn artist’s work from the1990s through today.

“This is the first time our KAWS prints will be exhibited together, and we’re thrilled to give our audiences an opportunity to familiarize themselves with this important facet of his work,” said Rand Suffolk, The High’s Nancy and Holcombe T. Green, Jr., director.

Visitors can find more information and purchase tickets to the exhibit through The High Museum of Art’s exhibition site.

Watch our visual review of “KAWS PRINTS” now.

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