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Kenny Kicks Solo Show 12.15.16

**DISCLAIMER: Thursday night shows are contain EXPLICIT content. Listener discretion is advised.**



Welcome to another Thursday night in the Orange Room with The Bold Opinion Show.

Last Thursday Jannah B had a great show kicking off our solo Thursday nights.  Solo Thursday’s are now a thing. Each second and third Thursday of each month, Jannah B and Kenny Kicks give you a peek inside their world. That’s right, solo-dolo! Catch the vibe and ride out.

Tonight’s show will get you to know a little bit more about Kenny Kicks. He will cover new music, a few celebrity deaths, and the Golden Globe Awards.


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Halloween 2k16 Recap

Every year Halloween seems to be longer and longer. This year the actual date fell on a Monday which gave supporters basically the green light to make the entire last weekend of October a huge Halloween social media event.

Being out during Halloween can be both entertaining and scary. You may be the person who lives for Halloween and have a thousand costumes to choose from. Or you may be like me and want to stay inside with your porch lights off hoping for no distractions come begging for candy. Either way you have to be careful. On Sunday a man dressed up as Freddie Krueger in Texas shot 5 people at a Halloween party, you just never know the motive of a person in a mask. 

While strolling on any social media platform you couldn’t help but see the wide range of costumes from action heros to pop stars just about any costume you could think of plus more were on display over this past weekend. 

Of course like every year many of the women Halloween celebrators dressed promiscuously having respected DJ, Dj Envy, as well as 50 Cent coin the holiday as the official ho holiday. I can’t say that I disagree with them or that I have a huge problem with how the ladies decided to dress. It is Halloween so it gives people the creative opportunity to either be themselves or be someone they wish they were. 

In a time where the world seems to be the ugliest, Halloween was met with others that showed their true colors. Especially so close to this years steamy presidential election, the world witnessed plenty of political incorrectness from inconcerderate people. For instance a spectator at the Wisconsin football game on Saturday caught footage of someone wearing a President Obama mask with a noose around their neck. Things like this is unacceptable and should not be tolerated. I’d feel the same way if it was a Trump or Clinton mask. Death and hate should never be celebrated in a derogatory form. 

But of course there was the youth that made it all better for us again dressing up in costumes that they may not understand but brought a vivid memory of our childhood. A young Aaliyah, Beyoncé, Steph Curry, Gucci Mane, and Marlon Wayne’s Loc Dog all brought a smile to my face. 

Celebrities like Chris Brown, who dressed up as Deadpool, went above and beyond.  Jay Z and Beyoncé dressed up as Barbie and Ken. Jidenna dressed up as The Game this year to repay The Game for dressing like him the year before. Nas dressed up as Haile Selassie, former emperor of Ethiopia.

Although the holiday is a bit overrated it gives folks another day or three, to have as much fun dressing up as possible. Halloween 2k16 has come and gone. Check out some of the photos grabbed from Instagram and tell us what your favorites are.  


How Facebook can help you on Election Day.

Over the past years many users have gravitated away from the ancient social media platform, Facebook. The social media mega site has lost users due to easier and more direct interactions from Twitter and Instagram two sites that basically cut the fat off of what Facebook was allowing, one that only updates status (twitter), and one that only uploads pictures or videos (Instagram). 

The one thing these two sites don’t have that the Facebook mega site has is a larger space for news and more add-ons for more real time updates. Facebook is the most informative social media site because of the recent add-ons like the one that lets you know if your loved ones are safe in an area of natural disasters. With recent hurricanes hitting the coast of the United States and surrounding islands people with families in those areas are typically in the dark with how their loved ones are doing. Facebook has a check in app that lets the user record their safety in the area so the people not directly affected can know their family is safe and secure. 

Facebook also streamed every political debate via their site so folks without access to television could still watch the debate and stay up to date with the current election. And if that wasn’t enough Facebook has just rolled out a new add-on that will allow you to see the candidates on the ballet for the election on Nov. 8. The add-on gives you all candidates locally and nationally and gives you inside information on what their campaigns stand for, giving users all the tolls they need to elect the right people to run the country. 

Facebook is making strides on making the life of its users socially easier by putting everything you need to stay current is right in your pocket. Regardless of who you vote for check out the new Facebook add-on and check out the candidates that will represent your locals area as well as the country. Don’t be blind going into the polls only knowing if you are going to vote for Clinton or Trump, be educated before you get there. 

Click here for the Facebook add-on. 



Lil Wayne on BLM

“If it ain’t got nothing to do with me, I’m not connecting to it.” These words angered a lot of black people in regards to Lil’ Wayne’s response about the group Black Lives Matter. What society has to realize is that athletes and entertainers don’t sign up to be role models. They live their life the way they are able to. So when Wayne or Cam Newton make a comment that you don’t agree with, don’t take it to heart. 

Wayne has been a successful rapper for many years and has been a celebrity since his young teenage years. The privileged rapper has admitted to never experiencing racism in his life on multiple aired interviews. Why is this coming off as a surprise to people for his actions? He is rich and has been for majority of his life. He has also admitted that he believes a part of the reason he hasn’t experienced racism is because he is a celebrity. That is perfectly fine. The issue that most BLM supporters should be upset with is 1. How Lil’ Wayne made it seem like he never heard of BLM. And 2. How the reporter poorly explained what BLM was “supposed” to mean as she chuckled. 

Every cookie crumbles differently, although we are all human we don’t all go through the same situations. Lil’ Wayne is not a politician and should not have to answer political questions if it does not concern him. He acknowledges that wrongful things have happened to unarmed individuals but, Wayne has not been effected directly by racism. That is just simply the world that he lives in, which is a blessing. Who are we to expose him to the negative world when his only concern is keeping his family out of the harm of the world. 

Understand that there is also no real reason to have Lil’ Wayne on television at the moment no album (unfortunately), book, or movie coming out. This could very well be a distraction from what really matters, the election that is in 6 days. Go vote!

Sidenote: If you didn’t laugh a little when he said, “My life matters, especially to my bitches” you have no sense of humor. 


The Rebirth of Black Entertainment Television 

This is not the greatest ever told comeback story about how the network BET is now moving to be a loveabke station again, no, not its not. This is about the positive image of the black human race while not watering down the true black experience. 

Shows like the Cosby Show, A Different World, Fresh Prince, The Hughley’s, and My Wife and Kids all showed positive family values. The shows mentioned plus many more did not depict a negative view on everyday black life. We don’t all live like drug dealers and ball players. Those shows taught core values while providing a key source of entertainment without forcing religion, sex, and violence on its viewers. 

Our generation needs shows like Black-ish, Luke Cage, Insecure, and Atlanta because it not only shows loveable and memorable black characters but it depicts us how “we” see us. Not like animals, criminals, or ignorant, but a fun and goofy family with both parents like in Black-ish (ABC). Or a positive black male role model like in Luke Cage (Netflix). Or black women understanding their worth and fighting for equality in the work environment like in Insecure (HBO). 

The season finale of Atlanta (FX) aired today and yet another episode had me hysterically laughing all while hearing hidden messages often times presented in a question that, “we” around the world have yet to get an answer to. It takes comedy to be so daring to ask those questions. 

The entertainment within these shows provides viewers with a more accurate insight on what black people go through. And it’s about time because I believe America has begun to assume that all black people live like rap songs. We need our image to be redefined by who our current image is effecting, by us. 

News stations like Fox or CNN always seem to make black people look as criminal as possible. It’s important that the black image, black culture, and black mindset is not altered by what certain gatekeepers allow the world to see. 


The Long Path to the NBA

On September 24th The Bold Opinion Crew had the privilege of interviewing NBA prospect Chris Horton. After the interview we applauded his gumption to approach the tough path of the NBA. We promised to follow his success, as we knew his journey was nowhere near complete.

Yesterday, October 30, 2016 the OVC Tournament MVP was drafted into the development league for the NBA. He was picked 5th in the first round by the Grand Rapids Drive. “It felt great knowing I was drafted because all the waiting and hard work paid off,” said the 6’8 powerhouse from Austin Peay.

The Grand Rapids Drive is a minor league affiliate of the Detroit Pistons based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Horton has traveled to many cities for training and work out purposes, Grand Rapids will be one of his many new destinations. When asked if he was happy with the outcome to play in the D-League rather than going overseas, he humbly replied, “I’m just happy to be playing basketball again, didn’t matter where I went.”

We will continue to follow Chris Horton on the treacherous journey to the NBA. The Bold Opinion Crew wishes Chris and the Grand Rapids Drive the best for their upcoming season.




Jannah B, Kenny Kicks, and Chuck C as The Bold Opinion crew freestyle topics on sports, pop culture, love and relationships. We also had a special international guest to bless us with his presence.

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The Bold Opinion Show 10.13.16


**DISCLAIMER: Thursday night shows are contain EXPLICIT content. Listener discretion is advised.**

Jannah B and Kenny Kicks as The Bold Opinion crew discuss this week’s political joke Donald Trump, with his current scandal and road to the white house.

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This past weekend a renaissance was brought to the light. Tyree Smith, owner of ARTlanta, has a dream to make art relevant again in the world and is starting his dream in Atlanta. ARTlanta Gallery is a wonderland for artist and like-minded individuals to enjoy their creative side of life. Not only does the gallery have ample amount of space for unique up and coming artist to display their work, there is a huge chalkboard room that allows for anyone to leave a quick chalk moral, as well as a life-sized checkerboard making you re-live your childhood by playing the biggest game of checkers period. It was no question why ARTlanta Gallery was selected to be included in the A3C Hip-Hop Festival.

“ARTista3” started off the A3C weekend at ARTlanta with an all women art show. Displaying beautiful pieces from artist like Zipporah Joel, Fatima B, Mirage V, Krissi Scribbles and VH1’s Black Inc Crew Kat Tat. The event also had live performances from energetic Yung Baby Tate and the soulful Eri Soul singing lead with her band Black Garden providing a gut punch of creative expression with guitar and drum solos.

The second themed night for the gallery provided a different take on the art experience giving the guest the opportunity to provide their own spin to the pieces they saw. For “Colours” all over the walls was large poster like images used as blank canvases. The guest took turns adding their take of color and design to the pieces using the crayons that were scattered around. Smaller prints of the posters were also there for sale that went to the gallery’s Non-Profit organization Wolf Idea Group. Although the smaller prints were there for guest to color on, most purchased solely for the purpose of having their own piece from artist like Miya Bailey, Kendall Deon, Quake Solo, Choze and Rob Regis. Friday night concluded a tab bit more hype than the first night with crazy performances from Money Makin’ Nique and Curtis Williams.

ARTlanta ended the first-ever visual art portion of A3C by having its one-year anniversary party. The event started early with artist like Barry Duperon, Lucas R, Mr_Mustard16, and Delinda Arts doing live paintings as well as a live body painting demonstration by Jeremiah and Draya B allowing guest to see the process of their work. During the first portion of the night there was an open bar providing red and white wine to the patrons who made it early allowing them to sip and relax before the turn up began. Juju Gotti, Jace, Tommy Swisher and even Tyree Smith himself blessed the stage concluding the event. DJ Milhouse and DJ OhLaLa had the sounds bumping throughout the entire weekend making ARTlanta one of the most memorable events A3C had to offer in 2016.

This is just the beginning of the ARTlanta movement. There is so much more in store for ARTlanta not only just for Atlanta but for the world!! Make sure you follow them on their social media outlets for updates :



-Kyndell Mizell