The Bold Opinion Show 2.10

**DISCLAIMER: Thursday night shows are contain EXPLICIT content. Listener discretion is advised.**

Well ten episodes are in the can! Jannah B is back on the air waves, kickin’ ass and taking names! It feels so good to have come this far with the show! Thank you all for being with us and we hope that you STAY with us

 We are now broadcasting from 88.1FM WUBA’s radio frequency AND kicking out an online stream for our world wide listeners.

Jus like always, we’ve got bold topics and dope tunes to set your soul a blaze! Tonight we will be discussing the seriousness of sexual assalt, Thanksgiving for the solo celebrators, sports that are extinct, and  finally, we take a trip to blowjob school!

 Enjoy some cool music and positive vibes as we cruise through The Bold Opinion Show 2.0

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