The Bold Opinion Show 2.11


**DISCLAIMER: Our night shows are contain EXPLICIT content. Listener discretion is advised.**

So we got over the first-ten hump; now let’s shift gears. The year is coming to a close and Jannah B goes to a few millennial discos. Speaking of discos, this episode features a guest mix from Brooklyn’s own DJ CPapa! You didn’t see the Statue of Liberty for no reason now, cmon.

We are now broadcasting from 88.1FM WUBA’s radio frequency AND kicking out an online stream for our world wide listeners.

Jus like always, we’ve got bold topics and dope tunes to set your soul a blaze! Tonight we will be discussing how #SexualAssault is not a good thing to be trending , Prince Harry is down for the swirl, I Found Colin Kaepernick, what are your stats for cuffing season? and Pregnancy Sex!

All that and a few other things, so enjoy this mix from DjCPapa, a couple new drops, positive vibes as we shift speeds in  TBO2.0

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