Gun Control: Extensive Background Checks Needed

By Marissa Williams
Writer, Contributor 

Some people have an issue with gun control and the thought of people having the right to own armed weapons. Maybe because they feel threatened or are uncomfortable with the thought of killing someone or they have young, curious, wide-eyed children. I, on the other hand, don’t have a problem with guns themselves, I have a problem with people using those guns for anything other than recreational use or self-protection in a situation that calls for defense.

In my opinion, despite what gun control laws may currently be, I think there should be more extensive and restrictive background checks on people who would like to own firearms. Americans have voiced that more restrictive background checks will mean the government will infringe on their right to privacy. However, if you want to get technical the government infringes on the American public’s right to privacy ALL THE TIME.  When you want to purchase a house, a car or heck, obtain a platinum American Express card that company wants to know your entire life. Low credit? No credit? Been arrested? Made a C- in Algebra, how many times have you had an STD? It gets evasive. Nevertheless, it’s not hard for the government to find you and find out all about you! It’s not even that hard for us regular people to do our own searches. All you must do is input your whole name into Google and voila!

The point being that America has chosen that the government infringing on their right to privacy is too much when it comes to gun control and the public’s safety, however, is unbothered when it involves advancements in life. I find this backwards.  Something as serious as a gun should be taken to another level of restriction especially mentally because we are dealing with life and death. The amount of hatred in the world along with mental illness is not a good mix. I believe that assessments should be done on those wanting to purchase firearms in the same way that candidates who apply for certain positions do. There is never too much security when it comes to gun control.

I believe this issue is not about gun control and more about mental health awareness which is the main reason for so many mass shootings over the years. There are so many factors that play into one being unhappy and full of hate, from simply not being heard by loved ones to the violence we see all around us in our culture. It is not an easy fix and to be honest I do not know where to begin to deal with the root of mental health. But I do think we could possibly crack down on those who are purchasing guns for harm or not by simply asking questions and denying the right to sell to them if the store owner has doubts.

Then again, I wonder if the government is behind the gun control issues or the lack thereof after all, there is this thing called population control. But, that’s a another struggle for another day.  

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