Gun Control: Fire Government Officials

By John Paul
Writer, Contributor

One of the most controversial topics in this country right now is the subject of gun control. As we all know, there was a mass shooting at a high school down in Parkland, Florida that left 17 dead and many more injured. And unsurprisingly the subject of gun control has come up once again.

Personally, I think this whole debate on whether we should regulate guns or not is just an endless cycle of all talk no action. It goes like this: A mass shooting happens, people are saddened and outraged, one side talks about there needing to be gun regulation while another side adamantly opposes it, politicians offer the infamous “thoughts and prayers” while saying that they’ll talk about it some other time. And guess what? That “other time” is when another shooting will happen.

A lot of people have varying opinions on what the root of the problem is. Some say it is the individual that commits the crime, others say that it is the kind of weapons that you normally see in a war zone being sold to the general public. But to me, the root of the problem all starts with public office.

Think about it, the Republicans have had control of most branches of government since the Sandy Hook shooting and every time a shooting happens, they haven’t taken action on this issue at all. If you ask me, what needs to be done is that come mid term elections in November, we need to vote them all out of office. That way we can finally get the ball rolling on keeping these dangerous weapons out of the hands of people who have no business owning these things in the first place.

Everything starts with who’s in office, and unless we all head to the polls, then the only actions we’re gonna see from our government are more thoughts and prayers.

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