Don’t worry, I can wait.

Written By Jannah Bolds
Editor-In-Chief, The Bold Opinion

As we grow into our adult selves, one day or another you’ll be approached with “the question”. The question that is asked only by those who have them. The question that your grandparents ask you every year at the family reunion. See where I’m going with this?

“When are you going to have kids?”

Yesssss….THAT one particular question that gets a blank stare from me every time. A blank stare followed by a “when I’m ready” response. I’m in my late-twenties right now and happily living kid-free. So, if I haven’t spawned a seed by now, don’t you think I would fall into the “I’m waiting” category. Because let’s face it, the majority of the people my age with children by now didn’t have them on purpose. Name one young adult who was physically, mentally, AND financially equipped to start a family? When I say young adult, I’m talking ages 15-22. Don’t worry, I’ll wait for you to come up with an answer.

There is so much that goes into raising an infant, it definitely takes two, maybe three, or four, AND the grace of God. Money, time, and not to mention sleep. I’m in a selfish stage of my life and I have no shame in wanting to keep it that way for a while until I’m physically, mentally, financially ready.

First, I’m just not ready. Hell, I cringe at thinking about buying a $30 bag of dog food every two weeks; so diapers, wipes and baby food are definitely out of the question at this time lol. Like I said, I’m selfish right now. I want to be able to buy a pair of $235 pair of shoes, drive a sports coupe for a couple years, fly to France on a random weekend, or buy a $1,600 Beyonce concert ticket! Am I wrong? I think not.

Secondly, I’d rather not get sucked into the struggle; and don’t look at the screen like there’s no struggle involved being young and raising a kid. Medicaid, food stamps, section 8 vouchers and, all the other possible ways to take advantage of the government, are fine and dandy temporarily. However, I don’t plan on making it a life style.

*Now, I’m  not putting those people down who get help from government programs. I am simply saying that I don’t want that for my life.


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4 thoughts on “Don’t worry, I can wait.”

  1. I totally agree with your comments and I understand your feelings…..I too felt the same way and I am glad I had a chance to raise you and Sol when I did. I always tell people that I had my children later than they did, but God sent them to me right on time! I had the so called “good job”, no kids, sports car (Porsche that I drove for ten years and purchased three of them), traveling to every major city and a wonderful, loving companion to share it with….I had FUN!!!! Then we (dad) chose to have children….it was wonderful. We cherished every dance recital, kiddie movie, Center for Puppetry Arts events, Festival of Trees event with the infamous Pink Pig, traveling with the kids, sport practices and sport events…..we loved it all. Now, you all are gone from home and our home is quiet again. It all went so fast. We have so many good memories to laugh about and it was well worth the wait……Kids….you gotta lovem! Have them when you are ready cause once they are here, they are here! Make it your mission to love, nurture and guide them all the way and they will turn out like “YOU!” Our little strong willed Georgia Peach! Some one who we are extremely proud of…keep doing you baby!! Love You…MOM!!!!


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