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Sports Adjusting to Covid – “Fake Fans”

By Jannah Bolds
EIC, The Bold Opinion


Since the rise of Covid-19, the world (cough.. the US) has been struggling with the thought of getting back to normal-life operations. Returning to work and attending leisure activities are two of the main driving forces inducing the urge during these immense times, and the reintroduction of professional sports have people bursting with inquisitive anxiety.  Continue reading Sports Adjusting to Covid – “Fake Fans”


Does a Frigid Opening Day Mean Another Cold Season for ATL Braves?

By Deke Loyd
Writer, Contributor

Winter is always hard to get through and Atlanta is no different. We are treated to 70 degree days only to be met with snow and ice a week later. It’s about as unpredictable as a season can be in a city. Spring is the solace. Spring in Atlanta is the mark of eight months of warm weather to come. One indicator that spring has arrived is the start of the baseball season, more specifically for us, the Atlanta Braves. The Braves kicked off another season this week, and that is one of my favorite ways to know summer is here at last. Continue reading Does a Frigid Opening Day Mean Another Cold Season for ATL Braves?

UMBC’s buzzer beater heats up NCAA tournament

By Deke Lloyd
Writer, Contributor 

UMBC stands for the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. It’s a small university less than 10 miles from downtown Baltimore, with a little over 13,500 students attending. Before Friday, this little known university was looking for their first win in the NCAA Basketball Tournament, but made history after it was over.

UMBC’s mascot is the Retriever, like the breed of dog, and the basketball team lived up to the underdog moniker to even get into the big dance. The Retrievers play in the American East Basketball conference, which is a small conference with only one way to get into the NCAA Tournament, and that is to win the American East Basketball Tournament. UMBC advanced to the finals against Vermont, who was riding a 15 game winning streak coming into the game and the favorites to clinch the automatic bid. Continue reading UMBC’s buzzer beater heats up NCAA tournament