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NBA: What would it take for The Warriors to fall?

By Deke Lloyd
Writer, Contributor

The Golden State Warriors have been the premier franchise of the NBA since 2015. They have won two championships, won multiple MVPs (Steph Curry), and set NBA records. They’ve done it all, but they still want more, as in the NBA title again this year. This time will be their second run the Warriors are going for back to back title, the first time was snatched from their grasps last minute by the Cavs, and if the Cavs didn’t win that championship, the Warriors would be going for an unprecedented 4th NBA title. This team is already arguably the best basketball team of all time. But are we starting to see the cracks in the foundation?  Continue reading NBA: What would it take for The Warriors to fall?


Are there foreign pimps?

So in American society, we have this thing called a pimp. A pimp is a man or woman who uses emotion to control the soul of another being. Usually, pimps are known to use that emotionally enslaved being for money, sex, things, or the combination, to live their lives.

…but what about the ones like you and me? The people who walk about freely, innocent minded and all. Then that would mean that a pimp isn’t a rare thing to see.

The Bold Opinion Show at The Lee Haney Games


Wow! Is this show special or what!? Today The Bold Opinion crew broadcasted live from their very first event; The second annual Lee Haney Games. This event was held at the Georgia International Convention Center in Atlanta, Georgia.

Join the crew as they take part in the festivites surrounding health/fitness, inguage in a few guest interviews, and jam to the tunes of guest Dj Johnny N0rm4l. Did we mention that Lee Haney himself blessed our mics with a few words of incouragement!? Tune in and check out the awesome photo collage from this event! It was truly an experience of a lifetime!

The Bold Opinion crew and Orange Room Radio gives a special “Thanks” to The Lee Haney Foundation for putting on an amazing event and allowing us to take part in this year’s festivities.

Lee Haney Interview: 1:01:24 – 1:12:16

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Special guests include:

->Dr. Winston Kyle Carhee Jr., Doctor of Chiropractic, Pain 2 Wellness Center
-> Michael Suarez, PR and Marketing Director for Battle of the Trenches

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