The Bold Opinion Show w/ Special Guests from Unspoken Boutique


Welcome to another beautiful Saturday in The Orange Room! This is the second Saturday show of November.

Jannah B, Kenny Kicks, and Chuck are your hosts for today’s show! Our topics ranged from Nation wide Anti-Trump protests, NBA, and dating someone with/ without a sense of fashion. Notice anything new this show? 😉

We also get the chance to sit down and share the mic with two beautiful ladies from UnSpoken Boutique to share their passion for this up-and-coming fashion brand.

UnSpoken Boutique interview: 50:05 – 1:32:31

-Tune in EVERY Saturday at 12-2pm and EVERY Thursday 9-11pm EST.

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One Comment Add yours

  1. Scout says:

    A simple and ineillegtnt point, well made. Thanks!


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