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The Bold Opinion Show 2.12

**DISCLAIMER:  Night shows contain EXPLICIT content. Listener discretion is advised.**

Well well, what have we here? Jannah dropped in to spread some holiday cheer!

(Corny AF, I know…)

It’s the last week of the year and It feels so good to be in your ear as we bring this crazy 365 to a close.

(Wow, I’m on a roll)

Let’s show this last week who’s been living well, and kick off The Bold Opinion Show 2.12!

(Yeah, that just happened)

We are now broadcasting from 88.1FM WUBA’s radio frequency AND kicking out an online stream for our world wide listeners.

Jus like always, we’ve got bold topics and dope tunes to light your soul like that xmas tree in the window! On this silent night, we will be discussing aliens in California, how to get the best X-mas deals, where the #NFLProtest has gotten me so far, and why we are all horny during the Holidays! Continue reading The Bold Opinion Show 2.12