The Black Business Mixer from the view of a Millennial

By Kevin Thomas
Writer, Contributor

The business world is a hard place to break into for millennials.  I always questioned how new or smaller businesses were supposed to get their foot in the door with so many big companies in place.  Imagine my surprise upon attending the Black Business Mixer Atlanta, a bi-monthly get-together of new and burgeoning businesses meet and network with one another so they may learn how to better their own business ventures and help new ones thrive.  A more hopeful sight could not be seen.

Walking around the event, I saw people who were excited about their professions, from upcoming musical talent Naja the Artist to the delicious Sweet Cravings Shoppe.  The event also hosted business owner Phyllis Iller, who spoke on how to grow and expand your business.  This was the moment where I realized the importance of events like this: They are a communal, non-combative way for people to meet both others in their field (I met Rose Royse, a writer for Shustring Magazine) and build a foundation for strong professional and personal relationships.  My personal takeaway from the night: Learn how to operate an Instagram page, as most businesses are utilizing the image-sharing service to promote their events and content.

I only wish the event was bigger.  There is a wealth of growing businesses both in and outside Atlanta that would benefit immensely from this event.  As the owner and operator of a small blog myself, I can say without a doubt that the Black Business Mixer Atlanta would be educational for any business in making professional connections, learning how to expand their own venture, and giving the knowledge that they are not the only ones looking to make a dent in the corporate landscape.

My internship with The Bold Opinion has been extremely informative.  I feel more confident in my abilities to research and discuss topical issues, and have developed a greater respect for news media.  In a landscape where many of my peers will either side with the poplar consensus on an issue or completely ignore them, I will choose to examine all the facts of an issue or event before commenting on it.  I know looking at the entire picture of a news story before making your mind up seems revolutionary, but that’s just my Bold Opinion.

The Black Business Mixer Atlanta meets bi-monthly.  Tickets are $10 through EventBrite.


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